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The Top 3 Badass Viral Techniques to Get More Traffic

Viral Marketing also known otherwise as Viral Advertising is a marketing technique used to build the public awareness of one's product or company. Businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs use many forms of media to reach out to the public without actually promoting their product by riding on in other forms of addictive means that could get a person hooked and be obliged or amused to actually pass it on, with the product or company advertisement along with it.

In a nutshell, companies ride on the idea that if people like the content of a media they will pass it on to their friends and family. They sponsor that particular media, such as a cool flash game, funny videos, amusing stories, and such. The desired outcome of viral media sharing is that one may pass on to another shared media with the company brand or logo, a products description, or any other content to help promote the company, or its product.

Viral marketing has become a popular means of advertising and marketing because they are relatively low cost. To avoid being tagged as spam mail, viral marketing counts on the eagerness of one person to pass on the product. If a person sees the name of the person they know as the sender, they won't block it and open it as well.

Many companies offer incentives such as discounts and rebates when they help in spreading their viral marketing. They rely on the number of recipients a viral marketing gets from one person in determining the amount or number of incentive they can be attributed with.


Creativity is one virtue that a site must possess to lead the race in the ruthless competition we call Internet based business. With so much competition and rivalry going on, every method of marketing must be employed and utilized.

Relevant or timely information, research, or studies that are included in your e-mail might encourage the recipients to share with their family and friends. Interactive content like a quiz or test, especially if its fun, will inspire forwarding. Jokes and cartoons are almost always forwarded to everybody the recipient knows. Why? Because they are entertaining and entertainment is meant to be shared. A really cool multimedia experience is always going to achieve a lot of sharing.

A true viral campaign gets forwarded because people are compelled to do so by the glory of the content, not because you bribed them with points or something else. So stop with the stupid e-mail forwards already! Trying to force, or bribe people to forward your info to friends or family in order to be rewarded or 'win', looks suspect as spam in today's ultra-permission-based world.

Offering something worthy of sharing like a valuable discount, vital information or offering an incentive for sharing like additional entries into a sweepstakes or an added discount or premium service will work.

It doesn't matter if you have a killer product, or a fantastically designed website, if people don't know that you exist, your Internet based business is going to flop.